we offer a la carte and retainer services. 

"I have Amanda on speed dial. Her ability to put what I want to say into words when I can't is everything. Her ideas are fresh and creative and she works fast." 

-- Sahara Lotti, CEO of Lashify

"Amanda is the queen of captions. She is the one who helped me come up with the name for my blog!"

-- Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That?

our approach

Creative Content Editorial

Please call, email or text and we will figure out the creative transaction together. 

Each person, brand, situation is unique. Being overwhelmed by trying to do everything yourself will never help you reach your full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--so you can prioritize and still get everything written, posted, sent, dunzo.

we believe in a unique and customized experience for each and every client. 

who's behind cce?

CCE in a nutshell

Amanda Hutchinson Watkins: Founder

The impulse to start my business came from seeing my amazing sister juggle a million things as a digital influencer. I knew with my unique background I would be an asset, not just to her but to other influencers as well. My career experience makes what I offer very dynamic. From the creative side of screenwriting for major studios, pitching and selling ideas to producers, to the business side of PR working with celebrities and their brands, agenting hair, make-up and wardrobe stylists at a top modeling agency and now writing for and consulting digital influencers, brands and start-ups.

I know the importance of your voice and aesthetic -- it's what sets you apart from others, it's why you express yourself through your work. When you need a hand writing, editing, brainstorming, making collaborative decisions or even just a sounding board, having someone not only with diverse contacts, highly-honed skills, and experience in creating original content but someone who loves what they do as much as you is an edge that will add value and engagement to your business.

Natalie Smith Knudson: Consultant

Natalie is the Co-Founder of Forecast Agency in London and a Senior Executive with 20+ years of experience and success in talent management, scouting, sales, strategic partnerships and alliances in Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty, and Media. Natalie was most recently the Director of the Women's Division at FORD MODELS in New York City and Los Angeles. 

our Prices

Running a business, a blog or a brand is dynamic and amazing but we also know you wear a lot of hats. We just want to help free up some of your time so you can do more of what you do. We are writers, editors, researchers and genius idea generators. We are consultants, middle people for those who hate confrontation (we love it!) and master advice-givers. We can help with contracts, scheduling, organizing and burning old un-facetuned photos of you from the 90's. Our services are available a la carte so you can get exactly what you need within your budget.